Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Delta cyanoacrylate are one part adhesive which cure in the presence of atmospheric moisture (humidity).  Before application of cyanoacrylate ensure surfaces are clean and dry.  Use D406 surface preparation cleaner. 

Note: some materials may be affected by solvent (particularly plastics) compatibility, tests should be carried out before use.  Apply cyanoacrylate to one surface only, press firmly together and allow adhesive to cure.  Selection of the appropriate grade of cyanoacrylate is important, dependant on materials being bonded and the bond gap.  Tests should be carried out to ensure product is suitable for particular application.

A fast curing low viscosity cyanoacrylate suitable for rubber, ceramics, plastics, metals, "O" rings and UPVC.
Colour: Clear
Viscosity: Low
Gap FIll: 0.10mm
Shear: 30N/mm²
Set TIme: 2-30 secs
Equivalent: 406/495

CYNO 110
A fast curing medium viscosity cyanoacrylate suitable for rubber, EPDM, SBR, PVC, metals and pottery.  A general purpose cyanoacrylate.
Colour: Clear
Viscosity: Medium
Gap FIll: 0.10mm
Shear: 30N/mm²
Set TIme: 2-45 secs
Equivalent: 401

CYNO 1200
High viscosity cyanoacrylate use where vibration occurs, on uneven surfaces, metals, plastics, ferrite magnets, rubber and ceramics. High
gap fill.
Colour: Clear
Viscosity: High
Gap FIll: 0.20mm
Shear: 30N/mm²
Set TIme: 5-60 secs
Equivalent: 415

CYNO 2000
Tough black cyanoacrylate use where high shock resistance and flexing is required.  Use on rubber, plastics, shoe repairs, metals, wire tacking, loud speakers and rubber to metal applications.
Colour: Black
Viscosity: High
Gap FIll: 0.30mm
Shear: 17N/mm²
Set TIme: 30-50 secs
Equivalent: 480

A thixotropic cyanoacrylate, will not sag or slump. Use on porous surfaces, vertical and overhead situations, fill large gaps, on metals, plastics, ceramics, upholstery repairs, leather, adhering signs and name plates.
Colour: Clear
Viscosity: Very High
Gap FIll: 0.50mm
Shear: 18N/mm²
Set TIme: 60-100 secs
Equivalent: 454

Delta cyanoacrylate adhesives are proven components of modern adhesive technology, they are used to bond various substances ie. steel, iron, brass, alloys, light metals, plastics, nylon, thermoplastics, duroplastics, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, ceramics and leather. 
Their uses are limitless.  Industry accepts that cyanoacrylate adhesives are essential for fast bonding - engineering, automotive, marine, electronic, aeronautical and plastics industries use them for high speed production, repair and maintenance and various other uses.  Delta cyanoacrylates cover a range from low viscosity (thin) to thixotripic (gel) enabling the user to select the appropriate grade for their particular application.

Shelf Life - 1 Year Stored @ +10°C to + +20°C

TP1000 blue plastic nozzles
TP1001 green & metal nozzles

Application nozzles for dispensing cyanoacrylate where more accurate dispensing is necessary.