Anaerobic Adhesives

Thread Locking

Delta thread-locking grades are designed to lock and seal threaded fasteners, corrosion and rusting is prevented. Loosening by vibration and shock is eliminated. The use of locking devices becomes obsolete. By Selecting the appropriate grade, users can lock fasteners either permanently, removable or adjustable and have a choice of pre or post assembly applications.


D33 Capillary action grade can be applied to assembled parts ie. threaded fasteners, close fitting parts, seals porous castings, instrument assembly. Can be disassembled.
Temp range -60°C to +150°C
Colour: Green


D44 Low strength locking of fasteners, can be re-adjusted. Use on electronic assemblies, precision screws and instruments.
Temp range -60°C to +150°C.
Colour: Violet


D66 Use where disassembly is unlikely locks, studs, bolts, nuts, screws and pipe assemblies permanently. Ideal for use with worn threads.
Temp range -60°C to +150°C.
Colour: Red


D77 Use where disassembly is required. Locks nuts, bolts, screws and studs. Prevents fasteners working loose from vibration and shock.
Temp range -60°C to +150°C.
Colour: Blue


Delta sealants lock and seal, they are easily applied. Will not clog filters or valves. Corrosion is prevented, can be used on pumps, valves, pipe fittings, hydraulic and pneumatic assemblies, fuel lines, brake and air conditioning, lubrication systems, flanges, axle and gear box gaskets, transmission and engine assembly, fills voids on mating surfaces. A comprehensive range to cover most applications.


D333 Pipe sealant general purpose. Use on screwed threads, on pipework, pneumatic systems and air brake connections.
Temp range -60°C to +150°C.
Colour: White


D444 Eliminates need for pre-cut gaskets. Use on face to face joints, flanges, engine assembly, gear box and axle casings.
Temp range -60°C to +150°C.
Colour: Orange / Coral


D555 High performance gasket. Use on rigid and flexible assemblies. High pressure sealing on face to face joints flanges, engine covers, pump faces, motors, compressors etc.
Temp range -60°C to +180°C.
Colour: Violet


D888 Sealing of hydraulic connections, pneumatic fittings, ideal for sealing unions and olives on diesel fuel lines. Will not clog filters or valves.
Temp range -60°C to +150°C.
Colour: Brown


Delta retaining grades will retain cylindrical parts ie. bearings, liners, bushes, splines, oil seals, rotors, fans, keys and collars. Worn parts can be re-used, interference fits can be replaced with slip fits. Grades are available to meet most requirements from medium to high strength and high temperature applications.


D22  Retaining of bearings, cylindrical parts, bushes and oil seals that require disassembly. Parts can be dismantled with normal hand tools.
Temp range -60°C to +150°C.
Colour: Yellow


D55  For permanent retention of cylindrical parts where maximum retention is required, splines, bushes, keys, rotors to shafts, pulleys and sprockets. High viscosity, gap filler.
Temp range -60°C to +150°C.
Colour: Green


D88  High Temperature retaining grade permanent retention. Gears, pulleys, fans, couplings, oilite bushes, cams and rotors.
Temp range -60°C to +200°C.
Colour: Purple

Activator and Cleaner

D405 Anaerobic Activator
Use to speed cure of anaerobic adhesives and on inactive surfaces.

D406 Surface Preparation Cleaner
A specially formulated cleaner to prepare surfaces before application of adhesives.

Hints on successful application of Delta anaerobic adhesives.  

Surface preparation: A slightly rough surface will give a much stronger bond.   Abrade surfaces then clean with D406 cleaner Note: some materials may be affected (particularly plastics) by solvents.  Compatibility tests should be carried out before use.  Choose adhesive required either for permanent or easily disassembled retention.  Apply adhesive to one surface, assemble and allow to cure (full cure normally 24 hours).

Shelf Life - 1 Year Stored @ +10°C to +25°C

Toxicity:  Delta anaerobic adhesives are non toxic.  There are no problems when handled correctly.  Avoid excess contact with skin, ensure adequate ventilation, wash hands thoroughly after contact with adhesive, wear protective gloves and eye protection.

Inactive materials:  A few examples of substrates where it is advisable to activate surfaces with D405 anaerobic activator, high alloy steel, chrome-nickel steel, galvanised steel, zinc plated, nickel plated and chrome plated surfaces.

Delta anaerobic adhesives are liquid materials which cure to a solid state when air is excluded and come into contact with metal.  The rate of cure is determined by temperature and the type of metal being bonded.  Excess material outside bond area will remain liquid and can be easily wiped away.  Various metals produce different cure rates, ie copper and brass will cure fast while high alloy steel and plated steels cure at a slower rate.  Tests should be carried out to determine products are suitable for particular applications.

Delta anaerobic adhesives are manufactured to the highest specifications.  Products are constantly upgraded utilising the latest available technology.  Packaging of products is monitored closely.  It is necessary that air be present in containers to ensure anaerobic adhesives remain liquid.

Temperature range -60°C to +150°C unless otherwise stated.Delta anaerobic adhesives are available in 10ml, 50ml, 250ml bottles and 50g, 200g tubes.

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